Quality & Environment

Caring, innovative thinking, reliability and know-how

We would like to think that our company's success over the years is a testament to compassion, innovation, trust, and know-how will pay off in the long run. Not only for us but also for our customers. We want to continuously develop the quality of our service, and to be on their toes in order to be able to meet the demands of terms and conditions, which are changing all the time.

Skellefteå, sweden, the bus to the next generations to think that we made a wise choice. That's why we want to minimize our negative impact on the environment, and to contribute to a sustainable society. Our environmental work is carried out systematically and in co-operation with other sectors of society in order to create solutions that are optimal from the perspective of all aspects and perspectives. In 2021, the reduction Skelleftea, bus, its carbon dioxide emissions by 2,000 tonnes compared to 2020, which is an excellent performance towards the goal of a fossil-fuel-free fleet and the reduction of emissions to the atmosphere.

At the moment, we roll half of the yearly distance of gas and electricity, both of which are locally produced fuel. In the second half of the rolls on the HVO100. To drive environmentally friendly is important, but the most important thing is to work with the changes in behaviour, so that residents and visitors alike are choosing a sustainable option in front of the vehicle, such as public transport and cycling.

Here are just a few of the policies that guide our work:


Skellefteå buss will offer its customers the bus services of the quality that the customer expects to receive. Each and every task that we do, as an individual, a group, or the company, shall cause the client to become as close as he/she would like to ride with us.

This is achieved by the following means:

We take a holistic view and understanding of our clients ' business needs, requirements and expectations.
Our services are tailored to the customer's requirements and needs, we can deliver in the right way.
We speak frankly and sincerely to our clients and other interested parties.
Our employees are highly skilled and are aware of the importance of their actions on the overall results, and total quality.
Our employees are supported by the tool, in the form of tools, equipment, and training.
Leadership creates the conditions that are required in order to achieve the right quality, and by the formulation of the annual quality objectives, follow-up, the overall performance has gradually improve the business.

Governance principles for sustainability, and the health and safety policy

Skellefteå buss AB perform the bus trips of Länstrafiken I Västerbotten in the north of the County council of Västerbotten county and the city of Skellefteå municipality, which is the default. The main focus is on the regular service, but also a certain amount of on-demand service, and the reliability is carried out. Skellefteå, sweden, the bus has its own workshops, laundry, and utilities.

The company's goal is to operate with as little environmental impact as possible. Through greater attention to the requirements to the bus, to present itself as a better alternative to other means of transportation. This will foster the prospects for the company's survival and development, in the long run.

The requirements of laws, government agencies, owners, and clients, must provide a minimum level of the environment and occupational health and safety.

We strive for the prevention of pollution through the regular maintenance of vehicles and other equipment. Upon purchase, and the investments we choose to consciously products, and materials of great quality and with the best eco-technologies which are economically feasible.

Continuous improvement in our management system, in which the goals and action plans annually to the set, and the follow-up. Continuous improvement efforts are directed primarily to minimize the emissions of harmful exhaust emissions from non-renewable fossil fuels, in which it is possible to select Skelleftea, bus, fossil-fuel-free options.


Skellefteå buss was 13/6 2008 certified according to SS-en ISO 14001:2004 requirements. As of June 10, 2020-the city of Skellefteå bus, is certified for the new standard, and ISO 14001:2015.
This means, in a nutshell:

* The organization shall establish, document, implement, maintain and continually improve an environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of this international standard and determine how it will fulfil these requirements.
* The organization shall define and document the scope of its environmental management system.
* Compliance with these limits will be reviewed by both internal and external audits.

Governance principles for sustainability pdf
Health and safety policy pdf
The certificates for ISO 14001:2015, the city of Skellefteå bus management system pdf

Tap-branded - Swedish water!

To Skellefteå buss, it is important to reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint. Because we are in Sweden, has a fresh, eco-friendly, energy-efficient and affordable drink options, in terms of our water, so we choose to use it, in order to protect the environment. We end with a bottle of water will help to avoid unnecessary transport and the environment quite easily.