Travel Guarantee

Travel guarantee and compensation

Our goal is always for the bus to arrive on time, but sometimes things go wrong. In such cases, we aim to compensate you as a traveler. For journeys within Skellefteå Local Transport, the law on the rights of public transport passengers (2015:953) applies. Compensation assessment is based on the length of the route of the vehicle you are traveling with. 

Delay compensation
If you are delayed by more than 20 minutes, we will compensate you through our delay compensation scheme, where ticket refunds are made as follows:
+ 20 – 39 minutes 50% of the ticket price for the journey
+ 40 – 59 minutes: 75% of the ticket price for the journey
+ 60 minutes or more: 100% of the ticket price for the journey

The passenger is not entitled to delay compensation if the delay has been caused by circumstances that the carrier could not have avoided or prevented the consequences of even if the carrier had exercised the care required by the circumstances.
If you travel with a school card and are delayed, no delay compensation is provided, only compensation for alternative transportation.

Option for Alternative Transport
If a delay occurs or a trip is canceled where you will be at least 20 minutes late to your final destination, you always have the option to arrange your own transportation, by car, taxi, or other means, and bear the cost yourself.
You can then apply for reimbursement for your expenses afterwards.You can do this via the form further down on this page.

For compensation for taxi rides, the maximum amount is 1,433 SEK per receipt.
If several people share the cost of a taxi, they must pay separately and obtain separate receipts to be eligible for reimbursement.

To receive compensation for taxi or other transportation, the original receipt must always be sent to:
Länstrafiken Västerbotten AB
Box 158
901 04 Umeå
NOTE! Please mark the letter with your case number if you have one and/or with your contact information.

For compensation for private car use, reimbursement is provided at 25 SEK per kilometer.
If you travel by private car, the maximum reimbursement is 1,433 SEK regardless of the number of passengers.

Delay compensation is not paid out if planned changes have been announced at least 3 days before the travel date on our website. 
Once an application has been submitted, a thorough investigation is conducted using tracking systems to determine eligibility for compensation. Compensation is only granted after this.
You cannot apply for both delay compensation and reimbursement for expenses.

Complaint and Compensation
We require your complaint to be submitted within 2 months after completing your journey.
If for any reason you have been unable to submit your complaint within 2 months, please do so as soon as possible and explain in your application why you could not complain about the journey earlier.

Apply for delay compensation and complaints
Please note that the bus card number must always be provided if you have traveled on a bus card.
Single tickets, taxi receipts, or receipts for other expenses should be sent in original to Länstrafiken, see address below.

You can also submit your complaint via email:,
write a letter to Länstrafiken in Västerbotten, Box 158, 901 04 Umeå, or call in your complaint at 0910-72 56 00.

Skellefteå buss does not compensate for consequential costs in case of delays, such as parking fees for private cars, the cost of missed medical appointments, or lost income from work.

Application for compensation
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