Skellefteå Bus 2031

The public transport system is facing a number of challenges, not least with regard to the Coronasituationen, and alarming reports on environmental issues. In sweden there is an ongoing unprecedented expansion with the rise of the great industrialization and, thus, the migration of people from all over the world.

Skellefteå buss has been made with a vision of where we are allowed to think freely about what is the future of the travelers are able to have their needs and wishes, and how, and civil society can respond to these new challenges. The development is extremely fast now, and the future is, perhaps, here it, rather than what we allow ourselves to believe.

The vision work was done by the direction of The Future. The Transformationspodden immerse themselves in the city of Skellefteå bus, vision, together with the managing director, Marie Larsson, head of HR, Jenny Sundén. Please have a listen to get an idea of the work and a little insight into how to Skelleftea, bus, raising his eyes at the same time that we're going to do a good job and supply a reliable and safe public transport system of today.
If you are unable to use the above, a link to a player (depending on which platform you are using), so if you google Transformationspodden #49, or search for it on the platforms that deliver the pods.

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Skellefteå Buss Visionsarbete