Timetable airport bus SAS and BRA domestic flights

The shuttle bus is connected to the SAS and BRA all scheduled departures and arrivals (regular flights) – Skellefteå Airport.

Airport bus stops that cannot be operated:

From 24/8: Road work entails that stop ”Kanalgatan” (at H&M) cannot be trafficked – we welcome our travelers to bus stop Statt as an alternative to Kanalgatan.

From 27/9: Road work entails that Flygbussen’s route will be changed. The only bus stop affected is ”Lejonströmsskolan”. Those who today get on at the stop ”Lejonströmsskolan” on the north side of Bolidenvägen must now go to the south side of Bolidenvägen and use the stop ”Lejonströmsskolan” there.

Thanks for your understanding!

On departure from 2021-08-24 and onwards:

From Skellefteå town to Skellefteå Airport in Falmark the airport bus route and times by:

Norrhammarskolan – 90 minutes before the plane’s departure

Stiftsgården / Medlefors (stop at Brännavägen) – 85 minutes before the plane’s departure
Lejonströms School

Skellefteå Stadshotel – 75 minutes before the plane’s departure 
Kanalgatan, bus stop near the entrance to H&M, west of the traffic light/pedestrian crossing – this bus stop will not be served in the autumn of 2021
Best Western Hotell Malmia – bus stop that will not be served in the summer and autumn of 2021

Scandic Skellefteå – 70 minutes before the plane’s departure
Coop Forum

Hotel Aurum – 65 minutes before the plane’s departure
Forslunds Car
Arrival at the airport about 40 minutes before the plane’s departure.

Upon arrival:
From Skellefteå Airport in Falmark to Skellefteå town: airport bus departs from the airport, about 15 minutes after the plane has landed at the airport.

Map (pdf) from 2021 09 27 and onwards>>

Tel. shuttle bus: 070-557 99 01 or 070-557 99 79.


Prices valid from January 1, 2018 and until further notice:
One-way adult (from the time you turned 26 years): 80 SEK
One way children (from the time you turned 7 years through 19 years): 40 kr
One Way Youth (from the time you turned 20 years through 25 years): 60 kr
10-card adult: 680 kr
Family ticket (2 adults and children under 19 years): 210 kr

No more cash on the bus!
Only debit cards and credit cards are accepted on the bus, cash is not accepted. Payment can be made with commonly used payment cards.

Flight delays – shuttle bus:
Delays for departing flights: The shuttle bus runs in the regular time. That is to say that the shuttle bus does not change the bus schedule for any flight delays.
Delays for arriving flights: The bus waits at the airport and depart to Skelleftea center as soon as possible after the plane has landed and everyone has their luggage.

Did you know that:
• Airport bus ticket includes: free transition to all local buses in zone 1, even when traveling to the airport. Use the free crossings on local buses!

Route, from Skellefteå towards the airport:
Klockarbergsv. – Lasarettsv. – Väg 95– Degerbyvägen
– Bolidenvägen – Brännavägen – Fältjägarv. – Klockarbergsv. – Bolidenv. – Stadshotellet – Kanalgatan –  Scandic – E4/Campus – Coop/Gymnasiev. – Hotell Aurum – Gymnasiev. – Väg 364 – Väg 774 – Flygplatsen.

Route, from the airport towards Skellefteå:
Flygplatsen – Väg 774 – Väg 364 – Gymnasiev. – Hotell Aurum – Coop/Gymnasievägen – Stadshotellet – Kanalgatan – Scandic – E4:an – Klockarbergsv. – Lasarettsvägen – Väg 95– Degerbyvägen – Bolidenvägen -Brännavägen – Fältjägarv. – Bolidenv.