Bus services are tailored to Ryanairs flights from Skellefteå Airport to London/Stansted. Anyone can solve bus ticket and go to Skellefteå Airport Falmark, regardless of case.

RYANAIR, Skellefteå Airport
The shuttle bus goes in conjunction with Ryanair all departures from Skellefteå Airport and all arrivals to Skellefteå Airport.

On departure:
From Skellefteå to Skellefteå Airport in Falmark the airport bus route and times by:


Fr.om 2015-01-05 onwards, departure from:

Erikslid Centrum – 110 minutes before the plane’s departure
Lasarettet (Hospital)
Kaplanskolan (School)
Stiftsgården / Medlefors (stop at Brännavägen) – 105 minutes before the plane’s departure
Rum för resande
Kaplanskolan (School)
Skellefteå Stadshotell – 95 minutes before the plane’s departure
Scandic Skellefteå – 90 minutes before the plane’s departure
Coop Forum
Hotel Aurum – 85 minutes before the plane’s departure
Forslund’s Bil

Arrival at the airport about 60 minutes before the plane’s departure.

Upon arrival:
From Skellefteå Airport Falmark to Skellefteå town airport bus departs from the airport, about 20 minutes after the flight landing at the airport.

Map fr.om 2015-01-05 (pdf)

Tel. shuttle bus: 070-557 99 01.

Prices are as of Jan. 5, 2015 and until further notice:

One-way adult (from the time you turned 26 years old): 80 SEK
One way children (from the time you turned 7 years through 19 years old): 40 SEK
One Way Youth (from the time you reached the age of 20 years up to and including 25 years): 60 SEK
10-card adult: 680 SEK
Family ticket (2 adults + children under 19 years): 210 SEK

Please use the option to pay by card on the bus!
Payment can be made with commonly used payment cards.

Did you know that:
• Airport bus ticket includes: free transition to all local buses, even when traveling to the airport. Use the free crossings on local buses!